Globus family of brands Booking & Content API FAQss

The following FAQs are designed to answer business and technical questions. It is advisable with each season to study our brochures for up-to-date vacation information regarding Terms and Conditions, and FAQs.

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Are non-United States or Canadian selling offices supported?

Please note that selling our products outside the United States and Canada may require your office to modify or restrict the use of our APIs, examples follow:

  • Non-US offices cannot sell Globus family of brands Travel Protection.
  • Non-CA offices cannot sell Globus family of brands Travel Insurance.
  • Non-US or CA offices where Globus family of brands is not a licensed merchant must use their own terms and conditions as well as review the use of our advisements for any localized updates.
  • Only US and CA currencies are used for departure pricing.
  • Globus family of brands will not convert departure pricing to your local currency.
  • Globus family of brands’ media and data passed through the APIs are in American English. Globus family of brands will not convert any information, media, text or other data to any other languages.
How may I order US Brochures?

United States pricing brochures may be ordered at:

How may I order CA Brochures?

Canadian pricing brochures may be ordered at:

When are documents delivered to an agency?

Travel documents, including any paper air tickets or e-ticket itineraries and other information, are sent approximately two to three weeks prior to departure provided full payment has been received.

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Who may I contact to learn about the Globus family of brands APIs?

When you request access to our APIs by linking to the API registration form at you will be contacted by support staff. If you don’t want to register quite yet, submit your questions via e-mail to

How do I learn more about the Booking API?

Start by viewing and complete the Registration Form. Globus family of brands will complete the registration process and issue IDs and Passwords for accessing more information and our test environment.

If you already are a registered Agency with the Globus family of brands, you may also learn more about our vacations by accessing our Travel Agent Portal at for US or for CA, or by viewing our vacation Web sites found at and

Who can use the Globus family of brands APIs?

Any Agency, third-party Company or Individual User may request access to our APIs by linking to the API registration form at Note that API usage involves extensive programming development by the user; Globus family of brands will not provide programming to the user.

Globus family of brands reserves the right to refuse access to any requestor.

How is data from the Booking API used by an Agency?

Use of data received from the Globus family of brands is dependent solely upon the receiving entity, not the Globus family of brands. Most commonly, a software system developed for and used by the Agency will request and receive the booking data, storing it for back-office use.

The booking home-of-record resides in the Globus family of brands’ system, with a back office ‘copy’ of it residing in the Agent’s system.

Is it mandatory to make a payment for a booking?

No. Agency bookings may be made and held for 72 hours without a payment (unless the departure date falls with final payment date). Bookings without a payment after 72 hours will be cancelled.

What credit cards are accepted with Globus family of brands?
  • US bookings accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
  • CA bookings accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
What currencies are supported?

Only USD and CAD are supported at this time.

Who receives commission for bookings taken with the Booking API?

Unless otherwise mandated, the end user Agent will receive the commission as is stipulated between Globus family of brands and the Agency agreement.

Who receives Passenger Documents for bookings taken with the Booking API?

Globus family of brands will prepare and mail all documents to the end user Agent unless the Agent contacts Globus family of brands for direct delivery to the passenger.

Are electronic Passenger Documents available?

Electronic passenger booklets are not available through the API, however they may be pulled from the Globus family of brands Travel Agent Portal,, using the ‘Retrieve Documents’ link under Agent Tools.

Invoices and advisements can be retrieved through the API using the GetInvoice method.

How many passengers can be added to a single reservation?

Up to seven passengers can be on a single reservation. Additional passengers traveling together would need to be added to a separate reservation or the Agent may call Globus family of brands for a group booking at 800.221.0090 for US or 800.268.1639 for CA.

What test criteria should I use?

You are allowed to test on the Test environment as much as you need. Please limit testing on the Production environment to connectivity verification and small samplings of vacations.

For test passenger names, please use real names, not test names such as Joe Test, Mickey Mouse, etc.

No volume/load testing is allowed. If our monitoring software detects high volume from a single IP address, that IP address will be blocked.

If you need to test air bookings, you must notify prior to doing so.

Do you offer your optional excursions as part of the Booking API?

No. These are purchased via the branded MySite or on vacation from the tour/cruise director or local host.

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Who do I contact for support after I’ve been given Production access to the Booking API?

For technical issues, always contact

For booking questions after production implementation (you’re now making live bookings), always contact Globus eservices at for US or for CA support.

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How do I obtain access to the Booking API?

Start by viewing and complete the Registration Form. Globus family of brands will complete the registration process and issue Credentials accessing more information and our test environment.

Who do I contact for support when developing access to the Booking API (pre-production)?


How may I obtain access to production when I’ve completed my development?

All vendors must pass Certification before being assigned a production Vendor ID. Requirements are submitting 5 successful booking invoice numbers to If booking air, 5 additional invoices with air must be submitted.

Will your APIs work with all architectures such as Java, PHP, .NET?

Our architecture is .NET, therefore we are more qualified to help troubleshoot that development environment.

Are your API’s secure?

The booking API is secured by HTTPS as well as two levels of authentication. The vendor developing access to our system must have an ID/PW and the end user (Agent) must have an Agent ID/PW.

What country codes are used at Globus family of brands?

Please use ISO codes found at this web site: ISO Country Codes

Do you have a sample working process flow that describes the content and booking flows and how they are related?

Yes. Please navigate to the Technical Resource Page of for a documented description.

Do you suggest a suitable arrival/departure airport? – If yes is this information provided in the XML?

No, it is not in the XML. We have transfer schedules in our brochures or special notes on the brochure pricing pages. If you want to use our transfers, you will need to call into Globus family of brands to purchase and ensure the PAX air information is added to the booking.

What is vacation Travel Protection and what does it cover?

Travel insurance. For more information go to Globus Travel Protection for US and Globus Travel Insurance for CA.

Is Travel Protection mandatory on all bookings?

No, it is not required and is not a required data item in the XSD definition. See the technical support documentation, XSD files.

Are we able to get ‘popular departures’ as a status (guaranteed departures)?

That indicator is now available on GetDepartures with the Content API.

The ‘vacation accommodation info’ displayed is missing in the Booking API.

Correct. This data also may be available in a future release pending policy review.

Terms & Conditions are shown on the XML as mandatory for all reservations – how can we make this optional?

US and Canadian Agencies must accept and use the Globus family of brands Terms & Conditions. Outside the US and CA, accept the T&C and modify per your contract with Globus family of brands.

US Web sites for reference (contact us for other international Terms & Conditions) In the GVI_AirAvailResults one of the properties of the ItinerarySegment is ClassOfService. Please can you describe what this is?

Our class of service is defaulted to Coach. You may be able to upgrade to business class if it is available. The class of service code is different, dependent upon each airline, and we pass that code along from the airline.

Can you confirm where the guest will be staying if they book pre/post
nights (is it at the accommodation at the start/end of the tour)?

It is commonly the accommodation booked with the vacation.

What is the minimum child age you will accept across all your vacations?

Passengers are considered children if they are 17 or under.

Monograms – There is no minimum age with the exception of some tours in South America and Africa (subject to change.)

Globus, Cosmos and Avalon vacations – children must be age 8 or over.

All passengers including children must be on the booking.

If it is a Monograms vacation and the parent wants a seat on a plane for the infant, then the infant must be added to the booking.

As a general rule, we require the Agency or passenger to be responsible for infant ticketing if the infant is not added to the booking. The Agency or passenger will need to contact the airlines directly for infant ticketing.

How do I apply a child discount?

A child reduction/discount will not apply unless the child’s age is passed in the quote or booking XML request. Child discounts are not available with Avalon.

Other than land and air, what commissionable items may be booked on the API (subject to change)?
  • Document Delivery
  • Travel Insurance, Travel Protection, and TPP
  • Meals
  • Extra Nights
  • Artic Circle Adventure

After a booking they may add transfers or other additional items, but those are generally the most common.
Some of the items that are normally non-commissionable are:

  • Taxes
  • Air Penalties (this may be transitioning)
  • Miscellaneous Penalties
  • Special Vacation Supplements (example: tour AJI or 8930 - rail tours with selectable supplements

At this time, the API does not have an indicator as to which data elements are commissionable. The total commission will be passed back to you in the XML response.

What is the maximum number of passengers per invoice?

A reservation may only hold 7 passengers. At 8 or above, it becomes a group booking, which is not supported on the Booking API. An Agent must call Globus family of brands to organize groups at 800.221.0090 for US or 800.268.1639 for CA.

What are Extras?

Some of our vacations have optional supplemental codes, or extras, offered via the ExtraType (see XSD GVI_DepartureInfoResult for code). If an extra is offered as part of that specific vacation or departure, it will appear in this array. Some current extras you will see:

  • Intratour Optional Air
  • Breakfast - Supplement codes BKF8000 and BKF8520
  • Single Room Supplement
  • Triple Room Reduction
  • Goldleaf Train Travel Upgrade:
    • Supplement code ‘893*****’ where ***** is the departure date, for tours 8930 and 8935
    • Supplement code ‘NCK*****’ where ***** is the departure date, for tours NCK and NCKE
  • Arctic Circle Adventure Option (see brochure or tour media itinerary for full description)
    • Supplement code ‘ACA*****’ where ***** is the departure date

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May I generate more Agency IDs for use with the Booking API?

Yes. If you access our Travel Agent Portal at for US or for CA, you may add Agent IDs to your Agency account.

If you have a large number of Agency IDs to add, contact for US or for CA to receive assistance.

What is different about Monograms departures?

Non-African destinations are different in that:

  • Hotels are made available for selection by category: BASE, or PREMIUM (an upgrade).
  • Hotel room categories, availability and pricing are presented for selection.
  • Rooms will be notated with PRE, TOUR and POST for availability.

Price calculations:

  • The Base price is the TWIN room, the SINGLE price must be added to the total price, or the TRIPLE price is a reduction to be applied to the total price.
  • Child reductions are presented for each hotel room category by age range.

Transfers are now available in the GetDepartureInfo method. Rules and pricing are in DepartureTransferRules.

How can I get Hotel content?

Please review the API Description and Usage Guide for hotel data calls.

Can I sell Excursions using the API?

Not today. That functionality will be available in the future.

Will the hotel selection control tour availability for Non-Africa Monograms vacations?

Yes. The ability to choose your hotels makes the hotel selection primary for determining if there is availability. You must request a Quote to obtain the true availability for your party.

Very Important. Our system is modeled to represent a ‘room is a room’, meaning a room may be sold as either a SINGLE, a TWIN, or a TRIPLE category. If there is one room remaining at a desired hotel, the API response will contain one room for each category, not to be interpreted as 3 rooms available.

Can I book a Monograms vacation on request?

Due to the complexity of business logic, we will not be allowing bookings on request through the API. You may call to obtain an on request booking.

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CONTENT API (to ensure you receive the most updated content information please link to

Why are some calls marked with XML?

All the calls provided by the Globus family of brands are available as XML and as data feeds. Calls ending in XML are the XML version.

How do I retrieve the season?

The season is only available with tour media. In the GetAvailableMediaTours and GetAllAvailableTours, season is referred to as "year" whereas in the GetTourMedia call, season is referred to as "season".

I can't find the vacation code?

In the GetAvailableMediaTours and GetAllAvailable tours/vacations the tour code is referred to as tour number. In other calls, it is referred to as tour code.

Do I have to use dates/prices? Do I have to use tour/vacation media?

No. Please use the calls that you need to obtain the information desired. The Globus family of brands WebAPI calls are designed to be as flexible as possible.

Why do some vacations have IntraTourAir pricing that is part of the total land pricing and others that are not?

Some vacations may have Intra-Tour Air, an air travel segment that is part of the entire vacation. The cost of the intra-tour air travel MAY OR MAY NOT be included in the land pricing due to a local airline’s requirements OR because of time arrangements for connecting from one point to another and it’s important for the Globus family of brands to coordinate the air to ensure the traveler does not miss an important connection.

Which vacations include IntraTourAir pricing as part of the total land pricing?
  • We have split out most intra-tour air pricing from tours, both included and optional. To enable you to know when to include an intra-tour air price in your quotes, we have exposed a new data element ‘IntraTourAirRequired’ which will be set to ‘true’ indicating you should to add the intra-tour air and intra-tour air tax to your full pricing for a vacation.
  • If ‘IntraTourAirRequired’ is set to ‘false’, the intra-tour air is optional.
Could you describe the pricing elements in the GetDepartures method call and how to use them?
  • LandOnlyPrice - The published cost of the vacation if air is NOT purchased through the Globus family of brands. This pricing element plus the IntraTourAir will give you the Land-Only price.
  • IntraTourAir – The published cost of an air travel segment that is part of the entire vacation (mode of transportation that is included in the published price). This pricing element MAY OR MAY NOT be included with the published Land Only and Air Inclusive price. If a data value is greater than zero (>0) in the IntraTourAir data element, this is a vacation with an Intra-Tour Air segment that a traveler MUST purchase through the Globus family of brands or elsewhere. If purchased through the Globus family of brands, the IntraTourAir MUST be ADDED to the total vacation cost.
  • IntraTourAirTax – The estimated air taxes for an IntraTourAir air travel segment. This pricing element is NOT included with any other published prices. If this data value is greater than zero (>0) follow the rule above for IntraTourAir.
  • Single – The single supplemental charge you must ADD to a total vacation cost if a passenger wants a single accommodation.
  • Triple – The Triple Reduction credit you must SUBTRACT from a total vacation cost if three passengers share an accommodation.
  • LandSurcharge – Utilized for any surcharge needs related to the Land Only pricing.
  • AirSurcharge – Utilized for any surcharge needs related to the Air-Inclusive pricing.
Could you describe the date elements in the GetDepartures method call?
  • AirStartDate (and AirStartDateString) – The date a passenger will board their flight to reach a destination so they arrive on the day to start their vacation (AirStartDate does not account for override dates, but provides the absolute date the passenger must leave from the US to arrive).
  • LandStartDate (and LandStartDateString) – The date a passenger’s cruise/tour/vacation will begin. This is the date the passenger will meet their Tour Director, Cruise Director or Local Host.
  • LandEndDate (and LandEndDateString) – The date a passenger’s cruise/tour will end.
Why are the Land/Air Start Dates and Prices the same on some tours?

These depend on our vacation destination and our method of procuring air. Examples follow.

  • IF the AirStartDate = the LandStartDate THEN this is usually a vacation where we have same day flights.
  • IF the AirStartDate not= the LandStartDate THEN this is usually a vacation where it takes overnight to get to the destination.
How do I access maps?

Maps can be included along with the tours, however map information is not sent through the API. To access the maps please use the following naming conventions where BRAND is the brand (for example, Globus or Avalon), YEAR is the four digit year (for example, 2012 or 2013) and XXXX is the tour code (for example, WAA or ZJ).

For ALL 2012 vacations and later:

How do I access images?

Please refer to for details on images.

Who do I contact for support?

If you have any questions or need technical support, please e-mail

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